Art nouveau styled ceramic girl plaque

Art nouveau styled ceramic girl plaque - (Item #1509)

Three ceramic tile art piece depicting nude girl in the art nouveau style in high gloss glazes. Signed with initials FT or AT.
Dimensions: 24-ins long by 4.5-ins wide
Bison Bull  Table Metal Sculpture

Bison Bull Table Metal Sculpture - (Item #1418)

Small metal bison bull table sculpture on simple wooden base. Weld cut and decorated thick steel plate. Not signed.
Dimensions: 6-ins long by 7-ins high
Condition: Very good
Framed Tile Art - old

Framed Tile Art - old - (Item #754)

Very nice Italian styled old ten (10) tile art piece depicting two women. The tiles are firmly mounted to a wooden plank backing and bordered with a very rudimentary frame. Great colors.
Dimensions: 9-ins wide by 22-ins high
Condition: Tiles are perfect, backing is solid, frame is just crude.
Gerd Utescher - Head Sculpture

Gerd Utescher - Head Sculpture - (Item #1322)

Original Head sculpture by German born American artist Gerd Utescher (1912 - 1983). This piece has a well documented wooden base describing it as a Gerd Utesher original, titled "Head" in plastecine (although actually cast in some sort of fiberglass) and that it was originally offered for $1900 by Estelle Colwin's (1915 - 2006) Colwin Associates Art Consultants - probably from the early 1970s. Some of Utescher's works are on permanent public display in Philadelphia.
Dimensions: 18.5-ins tall by 13-ins wide
Condition: Chip to top of right ear and small area of exposed fiberglass on top of head (see photos).
Hagen Renaker Double Horse Plaque

Hagen Renaker Double Horse Plaque - (Item #1584)

Rare 1958 ceramic double horse wall plaque (largest in this style produced) by Irish artist Maureen Love for Hagen Renaker. Green and blue glazes over base that is meant to represent Arizona flag stone.
Dimensions: 22-ins wide by 15-ins high
Condition: Excellent
Hagenauer Bronze Warrior - 1930s

Hagenauer Bronze Warrior - 1930s - (Item #972)

Vintage circa 1930s seated Hagenauer (Austria) bronze warrior figure with original raffia skirt. A beautiful rare piece in outstanding condition and fully marked base.
Dimensions: 5.25-ins tall by 6.5-ins wide
Condition: Excellent condition
Impressions Abstract - B Scott 1965

Impressions Abstract - B Scott 1965 - (Item #329)

Large abstract acrylic or oil on canvas signed "B Scott" and dated 1965. Nicely framed in solid wood. Label on back indicates artist's full name was Betty A Scott, the painting's title is "Impressions" and that it was listed at $500
Dimensions: 25-ins by 45-ins by
Condition: Excellent
Jean Lodge

Jean Lodge "Land and Sea" Woodcut - (Item #635)

Number 3 of only 20 "Land and Sea" woodcut print by Jean Lodge. US artist based in Paris and former head of printmaking at the Ruskin School, Oxford . Signed, numbered III/XX, Paris and dated 1974 (early)
Dimensions: Frame 23-in by 23-ins. Exposed size of print 17-ins bu 17-ins
Condition: Print in good condition uder glass (small nick to original frame).
Jensen Tiles

Jensen Tiles - (Item #332)

Framed hand decorated (pre-firing) tiles signed "Jensen". Six very heavy 6 by 6 tiles in simple orange frame. Happy scene containing Mod styled tropical figures.
Dimensions: 18-ins by 12-ins by
Condition: Very good - 9.5/10
Jere Metal Art School scene

Jere Metal Art School scene - (Item #1568)

Very large and detailed signed Jere (1960s,70s) scene depicting an American school with seven bicycles and picnic tables. This piece is constructed on a heavy gauge steel frame with painted detailing.
Dimensions: 56-ins wide x 25-ins high x 9-ins deep
Condition: Very good condition consistent with age
John Luke Eastman Large Limited Edition

John Luke Eastman Large Limited Edition - (Item #760)

Large low edition (No 4 of 225) signed John L Eastman and numbered print (not a poster) by popular "Love Movement" Los Angeles based artist/fashion designer of the 60s and 70s John Luke Eastman. Framed in aluminum with original double matting, signature religious phrase around border and acrylic glass.
Dimensions: Framed size 29-ins by 29-ins
Condition: Excellent
K. Jensen Hand Knotted Wall Hanging

K. Jensen Hand Knotted Wall Hanging - (Item #936)

Hand Knotted Indian themed rough wool wall hanging with rope tassels. Signed K. Jensen and numbered 94/500
Dimensions: 33-ins wide by 29-ins high
Condition: Very good
Klara Sever Sculpture #3

Klara Sever Sculpture #3 - (Item #1580)

Klara Sever black abstract Fish sculpture on solid wood base (1970 for Austin Productions)
Dimensions: 12.5-ins high by 13-ins long (heavy)
Condition: Very good
Knabstrup Giraffe Plaque

Knabstrup Giraffe Plaque - (Item #674)

Wall hanging tile plaque by Knabstrup (Denmark). Two abstract blue glazed giraffes on 3/4-in thick earthy colored tile. Knabstrup label and stamp on verso.
Dimensions: 5.75-ins wide by 14.25-ins high
Condition: Excellent
Lion Soap stone or Alabaster Sculpture

Lion Soap stone or Alabaster Sculpture - (Item #1499)

Small MOD lion sculpture in soap stone or alabaster.
Dimensions: 8-ins long by 6-ins tall
Condition: Excellent
Metal Face Art

Metal Face Art - (Item #901)

Unusual piece of art featuring a face and shield or coat of arms (a Knight?) formed in relief in thin metal sheet mounted on a board constructed from ply and solid woods.
Dimensions: 11.25-ins wide by 16-ins high
Condition: Some paint loss to edges of mounting board.
Metal wall art face mask sculpture

Metal wall art face mask sculpture - (Item #1493)

Highly detailed welded sheet and wire metal art wall sculpture of a king's face or mask. It is not signed or dated but has patina and we guess is from 60s or 70s. It has a substantial single point mounting bar on the reverse for easy wall mounting.
Dimensions: 27-ins long by 8-ins wide
Condition: Very good
Metal woman sculpture

Metal woman sculpture - (Item #1232)

Abstract metal woman sculpture in steel (magnetic) with elongated limbs - in the style of Alberto Giacometti. This piece is just under two feet long and weighs just over 7-lbs. It was photographed on the wall using a removable metal wire hook fabricated by previous owner.
Dimensions: 23.75-ins long - 7-lbs 3-oz
Condition: Excellent
Mod Finesse Originals Fiberglass Art

Mod Finesse Originals Fiberglass Art - (Item #1572)

Large one piece moulded fiberglass art piece mounted on steel frame, depicting six abstract silvery colored couples in high relief in simulated black wood frame. Not signed but based on the construction method almost certainly produced by Finesse Originals in the late 60's early 70's.
Dimensions: 56-ins wide x 28-ins high
Condition: Very good original condition
Mod Woman Sculpture

Mod Woman Sculpture - (Item #1529)

Signed (Zoltan?) but not dated - Mod abstract woman sculpture. White painted plaster cast or clay on black wooden base.
Dimensions: 9-ins wide by 9-ins deep by 5.25-ins high
Condition: Very good - see photos
Modern Woman sculpture - Bronze

Modern Woman sculpture - Bronze - (Item #1002)

Bronze sculpture of female figure on a black marble base. The figure is modelled after early Cycladic (Grecian) figures.
Dimensions: 16.75-ins tall
Condition: Very good condition - some patina to bronze
Original Abstract Cubist Band painting on canvas

Original Abstract Cubist Band painting on canvas - (Item #1592)

Signed original art piece of 4-piece band in abstract cubist style - believed by previous owner to date from 60s or 70s. Comes with simple black frame.
Dimensions: 33-ins by 23-ins
Condition: Clean good condition
Philip Taub 1959/1960 Abstract Reliefs

Philip Taub 1959/1960 Abstract Reliefs - (Item #382)

Two framed abstract reliefs by Philip Taub (the single figure is dated 1959 and the band piece is dated 1960). Both pieces are in some sort of textured plastic with the colors applied to it. Very bold and graphical, somewhat in the style of Frederick Wienberg. Unusually, we can find no other information on the artist or his work.
Dimensions: 21-ins by 31-ins by
Condition: Some signs of age but overall very good
Psychedelic Wilson Pop Poster

Psychedelic Wilson Pop Poster - (Item #587)

Unused psychedelic 70's pop "Music Connection" posters. A production of Telejockey Inc. for either a concert or launch of the music magazine by the same name. Signed "Wilson" (and confirmed as not being Wes Wilson), the posters' age is somewhere between 1971 and 1977. (We would love to know more if you have information). Acquired from the Philadelphia Historic Society in 1988 after they bought the Keane Archives Building. We have approximately 100 and will be selling the best 50 examples.
Dimensions: 23-ins by 29-ins by
Condition: All virgin - stored for about 30-years - no thumb tack marks
Still life framed ceramic tiles

Still life framed ceramic tiles - (Item #1451)

Very heavy unique vintage colorful 12 ceramic tile still life in walnut and aluminum frame. Unsigned - tiles are believed to be Italian in origin.
Dimensions: 36.5-ins by 17.25-ins
Condition: Excellent original condition no damage.
Tom Tru Framed Ceramic Sun-Face

Tom Tru Framed Ceramic Sun-Face - (Item #607)

Vintage (60s) high relief ceramic sun-face signed Bellardo (Paul Bellardo - Boston based Sculptor/ceramicist) mounted in solid wood frame on a fabric covered board. Copyrighted Tom Tru corporation of Lambertville NJ on verso.
Dimensions: 16-ins by 16-ins by
Condition: Very good
Unique Chromed Steel Sculpture

Unique Chromed Steel Sculpture - (Item #516)

Stunning abstract thick welded steel plate sculpture, smooth ground with super thick chrome plating. Perfect chrome on outside - some signs of rust inside the base (not visible) indicating it is vintage.
Dimensions: 48.5-ins tall
Condition: Excellent - may be missing some kind of base
Val Robbins Bird Sculpture

Val Robbins Bird Sculpture - (Item #1525)

1950s bird with dowel eyes and brass stem, hand carved in American black walnut by Val Robbins (1925-2009) at his Rimrock Pensylvania studio. This one stamped Rimrock on underside of black base.
Dimensions: 16-ins tall
Condition: Excellent vintge condition
Via Cesare Battisti enameled tile on teak

Via Cesare Battisti enameled tile on teak - (Item #1569)

Nice single Italian enameled copper (13-ins by 5,25-ins) tile depicting eight vessel silhouettes mounted on a teak veneered board. Original label shows it was produced on Via Cesare Battisti, Milano
Dimensions: 12.25-ins tall x 5.75-ins wide
Condition: Very good condition.