Turner Metal on Wood Wall Art Plaques

Turner Metal on Wood Wall Art Plaques - (Item #1614)

Pair of vintage, circa 1950s Turner Manufacturing Metal on Wood wall plaques depicting bottles and decanters. Turner Manufacturing provided art in many media foms in many styles from the 50's to the bubble mirrors of the 70s. This vintage pair fitting our mid century modern theme very well. Brassy Bronzy colored finish on raised steel decanters mounted to heavy laminated Walnut base.
Dimensions: Each is 12-ins wide by 18-ins high
Condition: Very good overall original condition
Bulova Vintage Ball Clock

Bulova Vintage Ball Clock - (Item #1570)

Super made in Japan for Bulova vintage ball clock in black and silver. Battery (C cell) powered but mechanically regulated. Battery and mechanism accessible via swiveling back plate.
Dimensions: 9.25-ins tall x 5-ins wide
Condition: Excellent original and working condition
Danish Rosewood Hors d'oeuvres Holder

Danish Rosewood Hors d'oeuvres Holder - (Item #1067)

Unusual long rosewood fish shaped hors d'oeuvres holder.
Dimensions: 13-ins long
Condition: Miniscule chip on top of mouth
Nissen teak Salt Shaker & Pepper Mill

Nissen teak Salt Shaker & Pepper Mill - (Item #1628)

Collectible vintage Danish Teak combined pepper mill and salt shaker. Made by Nissen of Denmark (Danmark).
Dimensions: 6-ins tall
Condition: Good working condition
Bruce Fox Studio Canoe Ashtray

Bruce Fox Studio Canoe Ashtray - (Item #1535)

Extremely long (30-inch) signed Bruce Fox (1903 - 1960) aluminum canoe shaped ashtray produced in his own studio (not for other manufacturer). Not one of his most familiar designs, but to our minds one of his best and rarest - it has been six years since we last saw a photo of this particular rare design.
Dimensions: 22.25-ins long by 4.5-ins wide
Condition: Very good condition
Early Kay Bojesen Teak Elephant

Early Kay Bojesen Teak Elephant - (Item #1616)

Despite his excellent overall condition this is a very early vintage Teak version of Kay Bojesen's Elephant designed circa 1951 with the simplest of all base markings on foot. Simply marked "Denmark", before the addition of the Kay Bojesen copyright and way before the more recent re-issues in oak. Until recently, this little guy had suffered from a medical issue involving his old hips leading to very loose legs (his hind legs had a tendency to fall out). Thanks to the advances in medical science and a non-invasive procedure he now has the fully pose-able joints of a much younger elephant.
Dimensions: 5-ins tall by 6-ins long (9-ins with trunk extended)
Condition: No damage with original patina. (Leg joint dowel friction returned with addition of thin layer of clear silicon rubber)
Ferris-Shacknove Pineapple Lamp pair

Ferris-Shacknove Pineapple Lamp pair - (Item #1431)

Totally original pair of 1950s wire pineapple lamps designed by Andree Ferris and Reta Shacknove, (Ferris-Shacknove) distributed through Gottschalk Sales, NY. Includes original shade harps but not shades.
Dimensions: 26-ins to top of bulb holder, 32.5-ins to top of lamp harp.
Condition: Very good fully functional totally original condition. No shades included.
Blenko #6516 Decanter - Honey

Blenko #6516 Decanter - Honey - (Item #1617)

Joel Myers for Blenko decanter design model number 6516, in "Honey" color produced from 1965 to 1968.
Dimensions: 13.5-ins Tall
Condition: Excellent condition - no damage and very clean
70's Large Vintage POP Art Bubble Mirror

70's Large Vintage POP Art Bubble Mirror - (Item #1623)

Vintage aluminum framed 1970's POP Art convex bubble mirror in its largest size 6 by 6 (36 total) bubbles.
Dimensions: 36.25-ins x 36.25-ins
Condition: Overall very good condition for age with just a few surface scuffs.
Blenko #5815M

Blenko #5815M "Genie" Decanter - (Item #1596)

A classic Wayne Husted design first appearing in the 1958 Blenko catalog. This one in Teal (Blenko Blue) with sand blasted Blenko signature on the base (1959-1960) in Medium size
Dimensions: 24-ins tall
Condition: Excellent - no damage with clean interior
Johannes Wilhelmus van Darrelen Metal & Stone Art

Johannes Wilhelmus van Darrelen Metal & Stone Art - (Item #1025)

Super piece of vintage modern art by Dutch artist Johannes Wilhelmus van Darrelen. The two mod styled figures are of hand beaten copper and mounted to a large piece of 120-milliion year old fossilized stone. Appears to have been made in Brazil and somehow imported through Spain.
Dimensions: Stone is 11-ins wide by 23-ins high (Backing 13.5-ins wide by 25.5-ins high)
Condition: Original backing board has some damage to two of it's corners but could be trimmed, removed or replaced
Welded steel metal wall Art

Welded steel metal wall Art - (Item #484)

Substantial heavy welded steel wall art. Black painted on rear with a dark bronze burnished finish on the front. Strong geometric design (estimating 1970s plus or minus 10 years)
Dimensions: 25-ins by 23-ins by 2
Condition: Excellent
Rosenthal Porcelain Cruets

Rosenthal Porcelain Cruets - (Item #1610)

Lovely pair of rare Rosenthal (Germany) porcelain cruets. Base marking of "Selb-Germany" used in the 1940's but more likely part of the "Continentl" series (1956-1988).
Dimensions: 7.75-ins tall
Condition: All porcelain in excellent condition. One of the corks was split after getting stuck inside a bottle and has since been re-bonded to the spout's shaft. Both corks now secure on the spouts.
Blenko #6955 Architectural Decanter Wheat

Blenko #6955 Architectural Decanter Wheat - (Item #1601)

Architectural sized huge volume Blenko decanter with large swirl optic ground stopper. A 1969 design by Joel Myers in Wheat (1969-1983)
Dimensions: 24-ints tall by 9-ins wide
Condition: Some manufacture tool marking on neck. Otherwise excellent with felt feet pads from original owner
Italian for Raymor Vase

Italian for Raymor Vase - (Item #1599)

Large Italian 1960s ceramic vase (probably distributed in US by Raymor based on the pattern). Should fit well in vintage modern or contemporay modern interiors. High gloss glazed.
Dimensions: 13.5-ins tall by 5.5-ins wide
Condition: Excellent